Akanne: An EdTech Organisation.

Akanne is an educational technology orgnisation that offers edtech training, online courses and other tech services to schools, corporate bodies, individual and so on.  We understand that the cost of education is becoming higher and higher, and we have decided to contribute our quarter by offering tuition free education for our teaming youth through the help of internet. It was founded by Pat Ugwu II.

Educational Technology is today’s driving factor in teaching and learning. Unfortunately, many teachers in our society and not computer literate and may not be able to fit into this promising requirement. Akanne has come to bridge this gap. Distance learning has been around for a while, and it has been helping educational systems and education policy. There are a lots of educational website that offers online courses in our today’s world, but one need to find out open courses that offers high quality education.

Our online course are mostly on technological courses, however, we also have other additional courses that are not tech based.  We have open courses in primary education, secondary education, tertiary education and all are in recent technology. The academy has teachers that frequently contribute to the success of this free and open learning resources.

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Open University is on the increase in recent time, and more and more will still be established. Therefore anybody can take advantage of this revolution and get educated with minimal resources available. Our courses are prepared with our readers in mind. They are easy to understand and are divided into parts to enable the readers to know understand what they need to know then they complete the first part. They are also categorized in three groups as Beginner, Intermediate and Advance. Some of our courses are accompanied with podcast while some have video tutorial to enable learners enhance what they have learnt.

Students who are finding their college course difficult may wish to take our online course which will enable him to understand and conceptualize the course in question immediately with no much extra effort. If you are a teacher or student-teacher, Akanne Blog will also be a veritable tool for your. The blog has helped a lot of Nigeria Teachers and beyond.

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