PowerPoint Software as an edtech tool for teachers.

Microsoft PowerPoint is a presentation software that forms the part of Microsoft Office Suite. The software is the most widely used presentation package around the world. This package is adopted due to its features and user friendliness. Its User Interface (UI) looks like that of Microsoft Word which makes it easier for users.

Teachers who wish to adopt basic edtech into his or her classroom may consider acquiring some skill on Microsoft PowerPoint. This will help the trainer to learn how to present speech with the software. It can also be used to create beautiful infographics with basic animation in other to boost retention among learners.

Akanne EduTech Organisation has a very long experience in teaching this computer application package. We will show your how best to use it as a teacher. We will also train you on how to add your voice to the presentation slides that you have created.

This software takes lesser time when compared with other animation packages. So it can fit the need of a busy teacher or corporate trainer. Meet Akanne Edutech today to help you acquire this skill up to advanced level.

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This is part of EdTech Training that we offer.