Definition of Computer Application Packages.

A computer is a machine that can be instructed to carry out sequences of arithmetic or logical operations automatically via computer programming. Modern computers have the ability to follow generalized sets of operations, called programs. These programs enable computers to perform an extremely wide range of tasks.

A Computer Application Package (CAP) is a computer program generally designed to help users perform an activity or task. Some application packages focus on a single task, such as word processing, graphic design etc. Others, called integrated software include several applications capabilities.

A software suite also called an application suite or productivity suite is two or more software applications bundled and sold together. The applications share common user interface features and theme and provide related and often integrated functionality that helps users perform or automate related tasks.

Depending on the level of language used there are different types of application software:

1) Word processing software: This tool is used to create letters, word sheets, type papers etc.

2) Spreadsheet Software: A tool used to compute number intensive problems like forecasting, budgeting etc.

3) Desktop Publishing Software: This tool is used to create illustrative worksheets, banners, newsletters, signs, gift cards etc.

4) Database Software: Used to store data like text information, memberships, address etc. which helps users to sort information accordingly.

5) Presentation Software: Used to create multimedia stacks of cards/screens.

 Advantages of word processors

1) It is faster and easier than writing by hand.

2) You can store documents on your computer, which you cannot do on a typewriter.

3) You can review and rewrite your documents.

4) There are more formatting choices with a word processor (the spelling, grammar and language tools).

5) You can print copies of your documents.

Disadvantages of word processors

1) It is not easy to read long documents on a computer screen.

2) Sometimes the printer does not print an exact copy of what you see on the screen.

3) Word processors do not always work well with e- mail. If you paste (vložit) a word-processed letter into an e-mail it may lose a lot of its formatting.

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