Social Studies Lesson Jss2

Social Studies Lesson Note for JSS 2

This is Social Studies Lesson Note for JSS 2. It is an eBook that is prepared for teachers using the current NERDC curriculum or scheme of work. Teachers will find this note useful for their daily classroom routine and teaching activities. Download Social Studies Lesson Note for JSS 1.

It has 1st, 2nd and 3rd terms of JSS 2 Social Studies lesson note. Topics of the lessons are listed before each of the lesson with their corresponding weeks. This lesson plan is perfect for Social Studies teachers. Parents who wants to teach their children will also find it helpful.

New employed teachers who often ask how to write lesson note or lesson plan will understand the process of writing lesson note quickly with this ebook. The author has long experience in Social Studies education.

First Term Scheme of Work:

  1. Revision of JSS1 work
  2. General objectives of social studies
  3. Abuses to which children could be subjected
  4. Drug abuse definition. Type
  5. effects of drug abuse
  6. Drug trafficking meaning of drug trafficking reasons types danger of drug trafficking
  7. People and their environment group behaviour
  8. Corruption: Definition types causes
  9. Corruption II: effects on individual & community
  10. Roles of different agencies of government charged with the prevention of corruption.
  11. Revision of terms work 8 examination

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