TRCN Professional Qualifying Examination Module.

Teachers Registration Council of Nigeria or the TRCN was established in 1993. It’s an agency of the Federal Ministry of Education.

The agency was created to control and standardize the Teaching Profession in Nigeria. They control teachers training and activity at all level of teachers education.

TRCN organises a Professional Qualifying Examination (PQE), a Computer Based Test (CBT) aimed at testing and certifying teachers. The objective of the TRCN is to make teacher education in Nigeria a professional and noble job.

The testing and certification is compulsory for all primary and secondary school teachers, college of education lecturers, polytechnic school of education lecturers and university faculty of education lecturers. Participant must have certificate or diploma in education.

Below are list of TRCN 21 educational courses.

* History of Education
* Philosophy of Education
* Sociology of Education
* Educational Psychology
* Guidance & Counseling
* The Teaching Profession
* Teacher Education
* Classroom Management and School Organisation
* Educational Technology/ ICT in Education
* Subject Methodology
* Theory and Practice of Child Friendly Schools
* Curriculum Studies and Development
* Measurement and Evaluation
* Educational Management
* Special Education
* Education of Special Target Groups/Adult Education
* Comparative Education
* Educational Statistics
* Educational Research Methods
* English Language & Communication Skills
* Use of Library

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