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How to Start a PowerPoint Presentation (Step-by-Step)

Microsoft PowerPoint is a presentation package, a part of the popular Microsoft Office Suite program from Microsoft Corporation. PowerPoint Presentation has been used over the years to teach and present speech in seminar, workshops etc. Probably, this is the reason why every teacher should use PowerPoint to teach.

In this post, we shall give detail description on how to start PowerPoint Presentation for teaching, speech presentation and so on. We shall employ simple techniques which will enable even someone without a computer knowledge to get started with PowerPoint.

Before we begin, let us look at different benefits of PowerPoint in eLearning. We also wrote why PowerPoint should be used as an edtech tool.

Advantages of PowerPoint in Education

There are a lots of benefits of using Microsoft Office PowerPoint Presentation for teaching and learning and of course for other purposes. Below is a highlights of some of them.

  • PowerPoint is already available in almost all the PC.
  • It is easy to add image elements to your presentation.
  • You can add audio files and synch them across the slides.
  • It can be accessed from different locations and platforms.
  • Easy to learn and master PowerPoint because of its friendly user interface.
  • Quick to create contents with lots of layout and options.
  • It can export presentation to variety of formats.
  • It has the ability to convert presentation slide to video.
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Starting PowerPoint Presentation

Starting PowerPoint presentation is not a rocket science, though some people who already know how to use MS Word still get confused using PowerPoint. Here is a simple steps on how to start and use PowerPoint:

  1. Lunch Microsoft PowerPoint from Microsoft Office and choose Blank Presentation.
  2. Click to Add Title and also Click to Add Sub Title. The title may be the topic of discussion, while the subtitle is the presenter’s name.
  3. From Home Tab, click on New Slide and select the slide layout you want and continue to add content to it.
  4. You can insert multi-media (image, audio, video etc.) by clicking on Insert Tab.

Adding Background Design to PowerPoint

Background Design is use to enhance the look of PowerPoint Slide, this makes it appealing and beautiful to the eye. Some of them are further used to describe the topic at hand. To add background design to your slide, do the followings:

  1. Click on Design Tab and choose your desired background from the theme section.
  2. Use the More Button to reveal more background options.
  3. You can also use Variant section at the right side to change the color variation.
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Adding Slide Transition to PowerPoint

Microsoft PowerPoint Presentation has cinematic features like slide transition and slide animation. Slide Transition is used to add effect from one slide (page) to another. This enhanced and engages your audience during presentation. Below is how to add slide transition in Microsoft PowerPoint:

  1. Click on the slide that you want to add transition to in order to activate it.
  2. Click on Transitions Tab and choose your desired transition effect.
  3. From Timing section, choose the sound and duration for each slide.
  4. Apply the settings to all the slide or do them one after another.

Note: You can also add animation to your PowerPoint presentation by going to the Slide Show Tab. For detail illustration with images on how to use Microsoft PowerPoint, please take this free PowerPoint Course. If you will wish to watch this as a video, please use the play button below.

In the world of presentation software, there are other alternative to Microsoft PowerPoint that you can use for your teaching and learning activities if for any reason you do not want to use PowerPoint as your presentation package.

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