Pre Professionalism

Pre-Professionalism of Akanne Training Activities

Computer training refers to resources, companies and services dedicated to helping educate users on computer-related topics. Computer training professionals instruct and help users acquire proficiency in a wide array of areas, including software, hardware, database management, programming, networking and more. Akanne has long started the training of groups and individuals around the city of Enugu in the middle of  2000s. There are several computer training offered by the Akanne while the organisation was still and appendage of other organisations. The pre professionalism process equipped the company for higher stands.

The Journey

In the year 2005, an organisation known as Global Health Awareness Research Foundation (GHARF), a non governmental organisation sponsored the training of 20 students of College of Immaculate Conception Enugu and Girls High School Emene in computer literacy. The programme was done at New Haven Enugu by Action Aid Academy. The instructor was the founder of Akanne EduTech Organisation. The sponsor, GHARF said the training was part of their community development.

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In 2007, 140 secondary school teachers where drawn from the 17 local government in Enugu state to participate in training and learning of basic computer operation. The program was organised by National Union of Local Government Employee (NULGE) Enugu State chapter. The programme was a successful as many teachers was to use computer for the first time in that training.


Akanne began to teach different educators on personal grounds. His training involved applications of basic tech in education, statistical tools in education, computation of students result and its analysis. The effect of the programme manifested among our students as one of the aim of the programme was to train the teachers to impact the students. When computer studies was later introduced into the primary and secondary schools syllabus, these teachers were no longer novice as many of them had previously conceptualized the subject.

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We engaged in different academic programmes, training and research to get ourselves equipped with the challenges ahead. These training has enable us to know the dynamics of educational technology and the current system that will facilitate teaching and learning.

Edtech Professional

After our professionalism, we now have authority in educational technology have have performed various tremendous work and services which some of them are shown under our update category page. Some of our work can be found from Akanne Academy.