PowerPoint for Teachers

MS PowerPoint as an edtech tool for teachers

Microsoft PowerPoint is a presentation software that forms the part of Microsoft Office Suite. The software is the most widely used presentation package around the world. This package is adopted due to its features and user friendliness. Its User Interface (UI) looks like that of Microsoft Word which makes it easier for users. So MS PowerPoint as an edtech tool can be helpful for teachers.

PowerPoint is a computer program that allows you to create and show slides to support a presentation. You can combine text, graphics and multi-media content to create professional presentations. As a presentation tool PowerPoint can be used to:

  • organise and structure your presentation;
  • create a professional and consistent format;
  • provide an illustrative backdrop for the content of your presentation;
  • animate your slides to give them greater visual impact.

PowerPoint has become enormously popular and you are likely to have seen it used by your lecturers and fellow students or in a presentation outside of the University. Learning to present with PowerPoint will increase your employability as it is the world’s most popular presentational software. Used well, PowerPoint can improve the clarity of  teachers presentations and help you to illustrate your message and engage your audience. The strategies contained in this study guide will help you to use PowerPoint effectively in any type of presentation especially for teaching.

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Advantages of MS Powerpiont

Here is a list of few advantages of PowerPoint-

  • Easy to design a creative presentation as it provides so many options to insert text, images, charts, graphs, icons, drawings, illustrations, and videos.
  • A complicated or long paragraph can be reduced using bullet points
  • Allows to create something visually appealing using the standard templates and themes
  • Easy to modify the visual elements
  • It has flexible workflow

PowerPoint as a Teaching Tool

Integrating PowerPoint in your speech, lecture or any event can bring so many advantages both to you and your audience. If prepared effectively, it can help to keep your audience’s attention during the whole time. PowerPoint for Teaching actually helps teacher to reuse his or her material with little or no modification.

  1. PowerPoint presentations help to remember the material better: instead of repeating the important point several times, you can just write them in bullet point on slides and show your audience.
  2. You can increase the audience attention regarding the topic by including high-quality images and videos on slides. Moreover, as different people have different learning styles, it can also help to understand and retain the material better.
  3. Using one of the PowerPoint add-ins, you can make your presentation an interactive conversation. For example, create and integrate polls regarding the topic in your slides. Audience will vote during the event and will see the results updating in real time.
  4. If you are a creative person, you can impress your audience further by preparing a creative and unique presentation, which the attendees will never forget.
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Using MS PowerPoint for Teaching

Teachers who wish to adopt basic edtech into his or her classroom may consider acquiring some skill on Microsoft PowerPoint. This will help the trainer to learn how to present speech with the software. It can also be used to create beautiful infographics with basic animation in other to boost retention among learners.

For pre-designed PowerPoint templates, visit SlideTeam and download your desired template as it needs fewer efforts while creating a PPT. You just need to edit the text and your presentation is ready.

Akanne EduTech Organisation has a very long experience in teaching this computer application package. We will show your how best to use it as a teacher. We will also train you on how to add your voice to the presentation slides that you have created.

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Watch the basics usage of Microsoft PowerPoint below.

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