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Online Degree in Education Platforms

The global lockdown experienced in 2020 which was caused by Covid-19 pandemic forced a lot of institutions to start looking towards eLearning. Some students and even teachers also started looking for online degree in education websites to enroll.

Truth be told, few institutions have been employing online teaching since the year 2000 and even beyond. While the majority of the school did not find it useful or do not have the required fund and skill to do so. The lockdown took these schools and institutions unaware.

In this blog post, I will make a list of platforms for paid and free online degrees in education. I will help you to draw conclusions based on my previous knowledge and engagements.

Online Degree in Education

There are a lot of reasons why you should consider an online degree in education. It offers several benefits when compared with traditional campus programmes. Online degrees are more flexible and accessible to learners.

  • Accessibility: Online teaching degree gives students the ability to access lectures from anywhere in the world as long as they have internet connection. Although, the majority of schools only use the synchronous method of teaching. But some do have a scheduled class which gives students room to interact with their lecturers.
  • Flexibility: No doubt to say that online programmes do offer significant flexibility unlike traditional campus studies. They allow students to start any time they are ready, while some have multiple starts within a year.
  • Technology: Online programmes allow students to collaborate with their fellow course mates using zoom and other video conference call applications. Learners can also get access to other educational resources designed to support online learners.
  • Diversity: Online teaching degree helps students from different backgrounds instead of just supporting only local students. Anyone can enroll from any part of the world where there is internet connection.
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Now let us begin.

1. Liberty University

Liberty University’s 100% online Bachelor of Education in Elementary Education will give you the tools you need to help children succeed in their educational journey.

2. Universidad Itaca

Studying a Bachelor of Science in Education Online will open the doors for you to work in any company or organization projecting educational and teaching developments.

3. Utel

The Bachelor’s Degree in Pedagogy has as its fundamental objective that you acquire the necessary knowledge about the situations that surround teaching and learning.

4. ECU University

This nationally accredited course is designed to graduate early childhood educators who are competent teachers ready to work in schools and a range of early childhood settings.

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5. Kaplan (Monash University)

The Monash Bachelor’s Degree in Early Childhood is a highly respected qualification designed for educators who are passionate about working with young children in preschool.

6. Florida Christian University

This program – Bachelor of Science in Education – focuses on educational development and behavior. The program explores current education issues and trends in today’s private and public school environments.

7. Columbia College Online

Accredited by the National Council for the Accreditation of Teacher Education (NCATE), the Columbia College English Education Program equips students with the appropriate skills.

8. Patten University

The Bachelor of Arts in Psychology major explores multiple perspectives of human thought processes and behavior, biological, behavioral, cognitive, socio-cultural and developmental.

9. Botho University

The Bachelor of Education with Honours in Primary Education is targeting those wishing to enter the primary education sector as a teacher, physical education trainer, etc.

10. Cal State Online (The California State University)

The Integrated Bachelor in Teacher Education Program (ITEP) is a combined 4-year bachelor’s degree and credential program for students desiring an Education Specialist credential.

11. Akanne Academy Online

Akanne Academy offers free online training on Education Foundation to those who aspire to become professional teachers in Nigeria. Taking their online educational courses will help you pass exams like National Teachers Institutes (NTI), Teachers Registration Council of Nigeria (TRCN) Exams and so on.

Requirements for Online Degree

Applicants to online degrees in education programmes may need to submit transcripts, an essay, and recommendation letters. Some schools may not request for SAT or ACT test scores but it is good if you have them.

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If a student is admitted, he or she will be required to complete general education and major courses. Those who wish to be licensed must complete student-teacher requirements.

In Conclusion

Students who are earning an online education degree can take financial aid advantages to help cover tuition costs.

Accessibility and flexibility of online education makes it a choice for many students who wish to become professional teachers. Please join the conversation in our forum.

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