Infographics for Teaching

Infographics for Teaching and Learning Enhancement

An infographic is a collection of imagery, charts, and minimal text that gives an easy-to-understand overview of a topic. It uses striking, engaging visuals to communicate information quickly and clearly. Read about our Online Technology Courses. Infographics for Teaching and Learning Enhancement is at the top topic in educational technology concept. As many teachers continue to see new ways of applying technology in their teaching and learning activities, infographics is one good method this can be done. Infographics is use to produce educational products like Electronic Lesson Notes.

Infographics can be incredibly effective educational tools, thanks to their ability to break complex information into easy-to-understand components and to make even dense data engaging. Whether you want to teach your audience about the education industry or you want to use visual content as a teaching tool, infographics are the ideal solution. But you may discover why visual content is so effective in an educational context and learn how to design and use infographics for education.

While modern teachers learn how to create infographics for teaching, other go online to seek for already made ones. A site like Pinterest has a lots of images on different subject matters for teaching and learning.

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The Use Infographics for Teaching

You can use this type of visual content to teach your audience no matter what topic serves as the focus of your infographic. Whether you want to explore education-specific themes or focus on virtually any other industry, you can use infographics to accomplish these goals:

  • Illustrate a historical timeline
  • Highlight important statistics
  • Increase awareness of issue
  • Provides helpful tips
  • Offer step-by-step instruction
  • Generate interest for an event

How Infographics help Students to Learn

A study on the impact of visual aids on the learning process of students revealed that visual aids help students in the following areas:

  • Student’s motivation to learn
  • Clarification of content
  • Vocabulary enhancement
  • Saves time with lesson preparation
  • Avoid dullness during class
  • Provide direct experience as sensory objects which initiate or stimulate learning

Dales Cone of Experience | Edgar Dale. (1969) Audiovisual me… | Flickr

Above image is a diagram known as Dele Cone of Experience. It shows that infographics for teaching and learning enhancement is a tool every teacher needs on a regular basis.

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Creating Infographics for Teaching Enhancement

Making infographics from scratch is one of the essential learning tools to promote and broaden visual literacy. But it may a difficult task for teachers who do not have the knowledge or technical know-how for infographics. A well designed infographics helps learners to understand and retain information. It helps us communicate with one another, infer meaning, and seek multiple perspectives. But a badly designed one can cause confusion and make learning uninteresting.

Some teachers resort to getting infographics for teaching and learning template, which could be adjusted to suite their situations. There also a lots of online and offline software application that can help teachers to create infographics.

At Akanne Technologies, we teach infographics design with variety of tools that are time saving. You can create beautiful infographics images within days of getting trained by Akanne Edutech. You must have heard that people tends to remember what they hear and see, that is what infographics stands for. This is part of EdTech Training that we offer.

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