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Free Online Courses with Certificate

In this post, I will make a list of free online courses to earn certificates. As the use of the internet continues to grow, many people use it to do all sorts of things. The Internet is one tool that has supported business automation. In a real sense, many businesses cannot function without the internet. Internet usage has also affected other fields of work and learning.

Online Degree in Education is another area that is greatly affected by the internet. Many people rely on the internet to pick one knowledge or the other. I have also discussed why YouTube is a University not just a social media. There are online courses where people can signup and obtain knowledge with certificates at the end of the programme.

But this post is about free online courses that offer certificates. Recently, some youth started to say that “school is a scam”, others say “school is a waste of time and money”. It’s worthy to note that education or learning can never be a scam.

Free Online Courses

1. Coursera

This is a massive open online course (MOOC) that offers more than 1,000 online courses from more than 120 partners. It also allows learners to audit courses and receive an unverified certificate for free or a verified certificate for a fee.

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This seems like the most popular online course ever. People trust them because of its numerous features.

2. edX

This is a MOOC that offers more than 200 online classes from almost 50 partner universities. It offers the ability to audit a course, and learners receive a free honor code certificate or a verified certificate for a fee.

There are a lots of university level courses in many disciplines.

3. Akanne Academy

This website is not a MOOC but offers more than 90 courses and areas of study that are set up to mirror what learners would find at a traditional university. The website is majorly concerned with teacher education training and digital skill solutions. It offers free certificates as well.

Akanne Academy is definitely still a startup, but very much on course.

4. University of the People

This tuition-free, accredited online university offers access to undergraduate degree programs. Students pay a small fee to apply and process exams, but scholarships are available to offset these fees. This is not a MOOC, but it does offer student support services like advising.

This platform has helped a lot of people who didn’t know they will one day become a graduate.

5. MIT OpenCourseware

This website offers the ability to audit more than 2,200 MIT courses. There are no certificates available, but no registration is required.

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This option enables people who ordinarily may not study with MIT to have access to their academic resources.

6. Open Education Consortium

This worldwide community of hundreds of (mostly international) higher education institutions offers thousands of college courses for free.

With open education, all you need is an electronic gadget with internet access.

7. Academic Earth

This website curates a collection of more than 750 online courses from colleges in the United States and around the world.

This is more like a global university where learners can learn from different backgrounds.

8. Open Education Database

This website offers more than 10,000 online courses from universities and other educational organizations; it includes both free and for-credit learning options.

This is a good choice for students, but don’t forget that student loans can be offered for those who wish to attend traditional institutions.

9. iVersity

This MOOC (and the European platform for online learning) enables universities to share a broad range of courses with students around the world, allowing students to earn recognized credentials. Students can take free online courses from professors on everything from public speaking and architecture to business and international relations.

Other platforms where you can learn online are: Udacity, Skillshare, LinkedIn Learning, StudyBlue, Habitica, Wikipedia, Koofers and so on. Institutions planning to teach online should know the basics of online teaching tools.

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In Conclusion

Learning in actual sense is a continuous process, the method of learning may vary from time to time. In this internet age, people have resort to online education to enable them to work and study

It is worthy to note that some free online websites will request learners to pay for the certificate. Join the conversation in our forum.

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