Download JSS Lesson Notes

Download Junior Sec. School (JSS) Lesson Notes

Technology has really change the way we do things, we largely depends on different technologically tools in our daily life. A little reflection shows that no area of human life in this modern time is not touched by technology. In fact, it is actually outdated to debate if technology should be employed in teaching and learning or not.

In this product post, we clarify on the two terms lesson plan and lesson notes. We also give you list of links where you can download electronic lesson note for your teaching activities.

Lesson Plan Vs Lesson Note

You may have known that a Lesson Plan is referred to a formal plan that details what a teacher will be teaching during the lesson. It lists the instructor’s lesson objectives, often referencing them as scheme of work. It also describes how the lesson will be taught, listing any materials that are needed and so on.

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On the other hand, Lesson Notes are what the teacher writes about the lesson plan. It is the detailed content of a particular topic or chapter as listed in the plan. Lesson Note can also be referred as the content of the lesson which is given to student during or after teaching for further reading.

Lesson Note Download Links

Here are links where you can download different Junior Secondary School Lesson Note for your classroom activities. This will help you ease the amount of time you put in preparing fresh notes.

Agricultural Science Lesson Note for JSS

Basic Technology Lesson Note for JSS

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Business Studies Lesson Note for JSS

Civic Education Lesson Note for JSS

English Language Lesson Note for JSS

General Mathematics Lesson Note for JSS

Home Economics Lesson Note for JSS

Social Studies Lesson Note for JSS

And lots of other Junior Secondary School Lesson Notes up for grab. The notes are well authored and teachers has testified it to be of high value. You can also see a list of Senior Secondary School Lesson Note here.


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