Factors Affect Educational Technology

5 Major Factors that Affect Educational Technology in Africa

Educational Technology is a method of using technological applications to enhance teaching and learning processes. In this article, you will learn different factors that affect Educational Technology in Nigeria and in Africa in general. Technology has proven to be of great importance in education generally and every teacher should embrace edtech.

During the 2020 global lockdown caused by covid-19 pandemic. Many institutions around the globe resort to the use of technology in their teaching activities. This also included some schools in African countries, but there are many hiccups to this adaptation.

Now, let us look into these factors that affect educational technology in Nigeria and Africa as a whole.

1. Power Supply

Lack of constant power supply is the number one major factor that affect the use of technology in teaching and learning. Many school in the city of Africa do not have qualify power supply. This is a big set back to technology in the classroom.

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Though, some private schools have resort to the use of private power generation. But the cost of fueling it is another factor. Therefore, adequate power supply will be one of good things that will happen to education in Africa and in Nigeria in particular.

Installation of green energy technologies like solar panels will be the best choice for remote areas.

2. Internet Access

Another big issue is internet access. Many towns and communities in Nigeria and other African countries do not have internet coverage. While the ones that have, do experience poor coverage on a regular basis.

Many cities in Africa still run on 3g network in a time where 5g network and its implementation is the talk of the day. Adequate Internet can help students to exploit numerous learning resources scattered over the internet.

Good network coverage will also improve students participation during live streaming lectures.

3.Qualified Teachers

There is also lack of qualified teachers issue. Many teachers in this part of the world are not qualified, while some do not have good training required from a good teacher. Some do not have adequate technical skilled required  to meet up with 21st century teaching demands.

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Constant engagement with teachers on the technical skills will actually help them to improve in their choosing career. This will yield the desired result for our students.

4. Bad Educational Policy

On the other hand, government at all level are most time reluctant to change and adopt new idea. This is another big issue in the field of educational technology.

Government and Education Stakeholders should constantly review educational policy and include new ideas. School curriculum should be redesigned to accommodate the use of technology in all subjects.

This should also be done even at the basic level to get the pupils acquainted with the future challenges.

5. General Acceptance

The general public still believe that using technology in teaching and learning is still not formal. Many parents and guidance see it as something that does not worth their money.

There is a general believe that technology makes learners lazy. That is why some examination board prevents students from using calculator to write mathematics examination.

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One of the purposes of education is to learn how to solve world problems. And good tools like calculator, computer etc. can be employed to solve these problems. Since learners will eventually use these tools in real-life after schooling, it is wise that they start using them even while in school.


These and few others are the factors affecting Educational Technology educational technology in Nigeria and Africa at large. Good edtech skills can even help teachers to make money online.

Corporate  bodies should help government in sponsoring different educational technological tools, this will help to ameliorate these situations.