Akanne Frequently Asked Questions

Akanne FAQs tries to bring answers to top questions that are being asked about us over the web.

What is Akanne all about?

Akanne is an educational technology organization that teaches and promotes the use of technology in education.  We also teach digital skills to students and support business owners with basic technology needed to grow their businesses.

What Services Can I Get from Akanne?

We support teachers and institutions with different technological tools. Our services include free online courses, blogging, instructional material, data analysis and so on.

How do I Reference Materials from Akanne?

The APA basic format to reference a blog post is as follows:

  • Author’s surname and initial(s).
  • Date of publication or updated.
  • Web page or website title.
  • The web URL.

Ugwu, P.C. (2021, September 20): Online Teaching Tips for Teachers.
Retrieved from https://akanne.org/blog/online-teaching-tips-for-teachers/

How do I follow Akanne on Social Media?

Akanne is pretty active across major social media. Follow us on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, LinkedIn and so on with @akannedotorg.

Where can I Watch Akanne Videos?

You can watch our videos on YouTube or from Akanne Media.

How do I Contact Akanne?

To get in-touch with us, please click on contact menu and use any of the channels of communication.

Please, feel free to contact us for more inquiry.