Types of applications software

Generic Application Packages refers to different computer application packages that is mostly used in the office or by many people. A general-purpose application package is a type of software that can perform many different related tasks. Word processors, spreadsheets, databases, graphics and presentation software are all examples of application packages. This type of software is sometimes called generic software.

Almost everybody will at one time or the other make use of a generic software. For example: you may need to type a letter or your Curriculum Vitae (CV) or any other professional document. This type of work will be done using a word processing software. In other hand, you may have the need to prepare your monthly expenses or any other financial record, a spreadsheet package would be appropriate for this kind of job.

Applications come in several different types:

  • Utility programs – examples include virus scannersdisk defragmenters and backup utilities.
  • Generic – general purpose software that is not written for any particular type of business. Examples of this include word processors and spreadsheets.
  • Integrated – a collection of software that has a common set of commands/icons. Usually they include word processors, spreadsheets and graphics software, but they can contain databases as well. They tend to be cheaper than purchasing each application separately.
  • Specific – software written for a defined purpose. Accountancy software is a good example of this that can be bought by anyone.
  • Bespoke – bespoke software is written when a company requires a piece of software to perform a very specific task or function and there’s no existing software that does what they need. It can be very expensive.