Microsoft PowerPoint 2016 Tutorial

Microsoft PowerPoint is a presentation package and it is one of the popular Office Suite program from Microsoft Corporation. PowerPoint Presentation has been used over the years to teach and present speech in seminar, workshops etc. Probably, this is the reason every teacher should use PowerPoint.

In this course, we shall give detail description on how to start PowerPoint Presentation for teaching, speech presentation and so on.

Learning Objectives

  • Overview of PowerPoint
  • Starting PowerPoint Presentation
  • Adding New Slide to Presentation
  • Adding Slide Design (Background)
  • Inserting Images, Audio and Video
  • Adding Slide Transition
  • Applying Animation to Presentation
  • Managing Timing in Presentation
  • Exporting PowerPoint Slide as Image
  • Converting PowerPoint to Video

All these will be covered in this online course with graphics illustrations. Write us by email: to show your interest in this free online course.

Course Information

Course Instructor

Uncle Pat Uncle Pat Author

Mr. Pat Ugwu II is an Educational Technology (edtech) expert, a course creator and a blogger. He teaches different applications of technology in teaching and learning. Teachers at all levels find his blog posts educative and helpful.

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