Educational Technology Lecture Note

Educational technology is “the study and ethical practice of facilitating learning and improving performance by creating, using, and managing appropriate technological processes and resources”. Educational technology is the use of both physical hardware and educational theoretic.

This course provides teachers and intending teachers with the knowledge and training to apply technological tools to the learning process.

Course Objectives

At the completion of this course, learner will learn the following:

  • Meaning and definition of educational technology
  • Nature and characteristics of educational technology
  • Objectives of educational technology
  • Technology in Education vs Technology of Education
  • Dimensions of educational technology
  • Approaches to educational technology
  • Terminologies in educational technology

These topics are discussed in details with real life examples. View the lesson of this course below. Also remember to study Introduction to Computer for Basic immediately you complete this course. You can also download All-In-One Educational Courses.


Educational Terms Relate to Technology.

Author: Uncle Pat

1) Technology in education By the term “technology in education” is meant application of machines, gadgets or equipment to improve the quality of education. This aspect is described as the “hardware” approach to educational technology. It involves the use of pieces of instructional materials (media) such as audio media, visual media, projected media, graphics, computers […]

Dimensions of Educational Technology.

Author: Uncle Pat

Attempts to further provide fuller description of educational technology has led to the emergence of three dimensions of educational technologies (Davids, 1975 and Plump and Pals (1989). Educational Technology I (ET I) This dimension of educational technology focuses more on physical media that are designed and developed to improve the quality of teaching-learning process. This […]

Multimedia and Educational Technology.

Author: Uncle Pat

Multimedia is content that uses a combination of different content forms such as text, audio, images, animations, video and interactive content. Advantages of Multimedia Increases learning effectiveness. Is more appealing over traditional, lecture-based teaching methods. Offers significant potential in improving personal communications, education and teaching efforts. Is easy to use. Frees the teacher from routine […]