Akanne is an educational technology organisation  (or edtech startup) that promotes the use of technology in teaching and learning in Nigeria. Our services include training teachers or educators on how to apply edtech, designing of eLearning tools and resources, academic data analysis services and so on. Our products are eBooks, Devices and Gadgets, Educational Software, Teaching Template etc. Edtech is to bring education up-to the speed of technology. African continent in general has been challenged by poor education and under-development, so Akanne is here to contribute its own quota by helping African and Nigeria Teachers in particular with the knowledge of technology-based educational tools that will help them to excel in their choosing career.

Akanne seeks to be part of Africa development by promoting educational technologies among teachers within this African region. Training teachers on how to adopt and apply technology in the classroom and in online education. Our products are up for global grabbing but we have physical presence in some West African countries like: Nigeria, Benin, Gambia, Ghana, Liberia. We hope to expand to other African regions like South-Africa, Egypt, Algeria, Angola, Rwanda, Morocco, Ethiopia, Kenya, Sudan, Tanzania and the world at large.

Education has many roles to play in economy, politics, peace and security, health, entertainment and so on, therefore it should be given the required attention. Please read our privacy policy and terms of use to have in dept knowledge about Akanne.


Our Mission

Our Mission is to trained teachers on how to apply technology in education so as to strengthens student learning and fosters creativity, collaboration, and communication beyond the classrooms.

Our Vision

Our Vision is to enable teachers to engaged in stimulating academic environment for student-centered experiences that result in creative thinking, providing solutions, and meaningful collaboration using technology.


Akanne EduTech Organisation have excellent services. They are the no 1 as far as educational technology is concerned in Nigeria.
Abigail Sunday (AS)
Wow! I am so excited, I have learnt a lot from Akanne Courses and well researched blog posts. The note here are straight-forward and to the point. Thank you Akanne.
Computer Audio Book
Agness Fabian
Akanne supports towards the development of African children with the use of technology is awesome, they have expertise in educational technology. One of the best thing that happened to Africa.
Factors Affect Educational Technology
Emeka Chinanuka

Our Team

Pat Ugwu II
Pat Ugwu II
Effective Teaching Tips
Nnedi Arua-Ugwu
Pre Professionalism
Kenneth Jephthah