Akanne Technology in Teaching

Akanne Edtech: Who We Are!

Akanne Edtech is an educational technology organisation (or edtech startup) that promotes the use of technology in teaching and learning in Nigeria. Our services include training teachers or educators on how to apply edtech, designing of eLearning tools and resources, academic data analysis services and so on. Our products are eBooks, Lesson Notes, Devices and Gadgets, Educational Software, Teaching Template etc.¬†Read More…

Online teaching and learning is becoming more popular, teachers and other levels of educators are embracing eLearning. At Akanne, we teach how to adopt online educational tools, creation of online courses, development of online and elearning website, choosing the best teaching platform and sourcing of educational resources for schools, universities and educational companies.
Akanne has educational teaching resources for teachers such as lesson notes, lesson plan templates, ebooks, video tutorials and simulations, infographic images for illustrations, audio lessons, maps, worksheet templates and lots more.
Akanne Academy is an educational technology (Edtech) free online courses  for teachers of all kinds. We showcase different ways technology can be applied in teaching and learning. Primary and Secondary School Teachers find lesson notes and other teaching materials from this online educational website. Tertiary institution lecturers and other educators are not left behind.
Akanne Edtech Blog is dedicated to tips, how tos, tutorials and reviews of educational technology products and services for teaching and learning.
Our topics are well researched, educative, with informative Technology for Teaching and Learning. Follow Me!