Best places to learn mobile app development for free

Thinking about becoming a Mobile App Developer? You’re in luck! There’s never been a better time to learn mobile app development. For budding developers, it’s time to hop aboard the gravy train. But what’s the first step in learning mobile app development? What courses should you sign up for? Should you teach yourself app development? We’ve got you covered.

And yes, the first step is learning how to prototype a mobile app. Learn why here – plus get our top 10 online courses on mobile app development to get you started right away, no matter where you are! Unlike learning other programming languages, mobile app development takes more time and involves multiple layers.

Nonetheless, it is very possible to teach yourself mobile app development. You don’t have to spend tons of money going back to school, or even invest in one of the more exclusive coding bootcamps. You can easily hone your skills through hands-on practice.

To help you get started in the world of mobile app development, we compiled a huge list of resources. Some are free, and others costs money. Either way, they all hold value in some way.

Android Development Community Forums
Anddev or the Android Development Community is dedicated to mobile app dev on the Android platform. It’s primarily a forum where like-minded individuals can discuss mobile dev related topics. However, there is also a great deal of useful tutorials available. It’s a great place for developers of any skill level.

Official Android Developer’s Community Portal
You won’t find tutorials or coding advice on the official Android Developer’s Community portal managed by Google devs. However, you will find plenty of information about the Android platform as a whole. This is where they announce software updates, new features and discuss important development information.

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Official Android Developer’s Training
This guide is hosted on the official Android Developer’s Community, but it’s definitely something you’ll want to bookmark as a mobile dev. Experienced coders might not want to visit the guide often, it walks you through getting started and building your first app. That said, it’s great as a resource when you want to know how to do something specific.

Learn Android SDK from Scratch by Tuts Plus
If you’re a newbie to coding you should check out the Tuts Plus Android SDK tutorial. It’s free, and it walks you through using the Android Software Development Kit, which can be a pain to setup if you’ve never handled something like it before. It’s also a great resource for intermediate level coders. Experts might not find anything worthwhile.

Creative, Serious and Playful Science of Android Apps on Coursera
This course for beginners is a great place to learn the basics of computer science and programming. First it will walk you through the introductory material and then it will move on to Android specific lessons using Java and standard software development tools. You do not need any prior coding experience to get started.

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This website offers a wide variety of high-quality Android development tutorials, and they all happen to be free. Coders of all skill levels can find something here. The tutorials are well written, provide in-depth tips and information and include a bunch of useful code snippets and exercises. There are links to more resources too, if you need them.

This website is run by Paresh Mayani, a popular Android developer, who specializes in mobile dev tutorials. Technotalkative is essentially where he compiles all his guides and writes about his experiences with Android development. After you’re done, you can head to the main blog where he addresses working with various aspects of Android.

Android Hive
This blog is by Ravi Tamada another renowned Android developer. Many of the posts are step-by-step guides on working with Android development tools. He also details some specific functions that you can use with your own projects.

Made in Android
This website is yet another blog or online publication that offers a wide variety of Android app development tips, tricks and guides. It’s great for all skill levels, especially if you’re looking for help with something specific like making a custom listview in your app with a search box or creating a Google Map enabled application.

Codelearn Android Tutorial
Codelearn specializes in a quite unique form of teaching. Their lessons show you how to build applications — with a number of different programming languages — right in your browser. They recently launched an Android-centric portal which is more than useful.

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Android Example
Used to working with Android and want to know how to handle some of the more advanced features and functions? Android Example is a blog focused on the niche topics. There are step-by-step guides on using SharedPreferences, opening the file browser with the camera application and much more.

My Life with Android
Gabor Pellar, an active Android developer, has created a diary of his experiences with the dev process. It’s not meant to be a tutorial or guide of any kind, but it can definitely serve as a great resource. Pellar documents many of his thoughts along with his working process. If you’d like to know how the average developer thinks and operates, give it a whirl.

Flatiron School iOS Development Prework
The instructors from Flatiron School compiled a collection of useful iOS development resources and order them in a lesson structure. It serves as the ideal starting point for beginner coders and offers plenty of resources even for the more experienced out there. Topics covered in the course include iOS basics, principles of object-oriented programming, iOS UI tools, customizing UI kit, mobile design, Map Kit and much more.

That’s a Huge List of Mobile App Development Websites and Resources! After reading through the list, you should be able to find at least one website or resource to guide you in the world of mobile app development—whether it be iOS, Android, Windows Phone or another.

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