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Five reasons e-learning is ideal for introverted students.


Introversion is easily misunderstood; with disinterest, with being aloof, with not caring, even with being stupid. In a setting that was designed upon and promotes extroverted character traits — a school — introverted people have a hard time…

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Free Authoring Tools You Can Use to Design eLearning.

An e-learning content authoring tool is a software package which developers use to create and package e-learning content deliverable to end users. According to Wikipedia.org, “a content authoring tool is a software application used to create multimedia content typically for delivery on…

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10 Authoring Tools for Easy eLearning Designs.


The online learning industry revealed tons of opportunities for teachers and tutors. Educators can easily author eLearning tools for any course or subject. Are you interested in revealing a new aspect of your profession? Here is our list with 10…

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