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Unending Category List of Software and Other Computer Tools.

Software Categories

Information and communications technology or (ICT) is an extensional term for information technology (IT) that stresses the role of unified communications and the integration of telecommunications (telephone lines and wireless signals) and computers, as well as necessary enterprise…

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Beautiful reasons why we use Technology in Business.

Use of Technology in business today helps to create less costly, environment and customer friendly solutions. Technology is used in business to study and solve daily life problems. Digital Marketing, Cloud computing, Machine learning, robots, internet of things,…

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Importance of Cloud Computing and its advantages to Africans.

Cloud Computing Advantages

In this article, you can discover the importance of cloud computing solutions.  Cloud computing practices are boosting the power of internet more than ever.  Cloud computing evolved the ways we use a computer. Cloud computing is now a…

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Nine Medical Apps for Doctors.

Health Apps

As mHealth becomes more popular and patients adopt health tracking apps and fitness measuring wearables such as Fitbits, savvy physicians know they can benefit from using mobile health apps in their practices. The market for mHealth will reach…

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Seven medical diagnosis and treatment software.

Health Diagnosis Software

DR4 SOFTWARE PACKAGE: VISUALIZATION SOFTWARE / REPORTING / DIAGNOSTIC / FOR ARCHIVING DR4 is a unique vascular reporting software package for use in conjunction with the Dopplex Ability, MD2 and MD200 Doppler units. It enables automated ABIs and…

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Database Platforms: WAMP, LAMP, MAMP or XAMPP?

Database Platforms

A database is an organized collection of data, generally stored and accessed electronically from a computer system. Where databases are more complex they are often developed using formal design and modeling techniques. Choosing the best database management system…

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The applications of Drones in our society today.


An unmanned aerial vehicle, commonly known as a drone, is an aircraft without a human pilot aboard. UAVs are a component of an unmanned aircraft system; which include a UAV, a ground-based controller, and a system of communications…

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Bluestacks: A Platform that enables you to run Android Apps on Windows PC.


BlueStacks was founded in 2011 to push the boundaries of mobile gaming. Today more than 210 million people around the world use our App Player product to play mobile games on their PCs and Macs using our patented…

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The Most Popular Free Blogging Platforms.

Blogging Platforms

A blogging platform is a service or application that facilitates the creation of web pages for publishing your content. These content management systems come in the form of website builders like Wix, blogging applications like WordPress, or simplified…

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Ten Advantages of Cloud Computing and why you have to join.

Cloud Computing Advantages

The cloud is just a metaphor for the Internet. Cloud Computing is a technology uses the internet and central remote servers to maintain data and applications. Cloud computing allows consumers and businesses to use applications without installation and…

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