FG to Sack Unregistered or Unqualified Teachers in Dec 2019.


The Federal Government on Tuesday declared that there will be no more room for unregistered or unqualified teachers in both public and private schools in Nigeria as from December 2019 Minister of State for Education, Minister of State…

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Four models of blended learning to be implemented in the classroom.


We can all agree that the phrase “blended learning” is well and truly a part of the modern-day discourse on education; so much so that academics have begun to curate a universal definition, as well as identify sub-themes…

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Five reasons e-learning is ideal for introverted students.


Introversion is easily misunderstood; with disinterest, with being aloof, with not caring, even with being stupid. In a setting that was designed upon and promotes extroverted character traits — a school — introverted people have a hard time…

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The growing partnership between classroom tech and the learning experience of collaboration.


As technology continues to sprint forward, it’s up to educational institutions to keep pace or risk falling behind. While traditional teaching methods have served us well until now, the huge opportunities presented to us by technology cannot be…

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Six tips for making the most of edtech exhibitions.


For many teachers, edtech conferences are a major highlight of the school year and a great opportunity to connect with fellow educators. The exhibition part is also one of the best ways -if not the best- to find…

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Are your students self-directed learners?


Here we are in the 21st century where students are becoming academically independent. They can learn on their own, oftentimes without the teacher’s intervention and most of the time they look for answers on their own. However, not…

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See how Classrooms of the 21st century are accommodating different styles of learning.


Every child has a specific learning method that helps them achieve the best results possible. With many different approaches to the style of learning, it can be hard to find a way to teach that caters for the…

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Definitions of EdTech terms every teacher should know.

EduTech Terms

So, with apologies to our regular readers, who no doubt have mastered the EdTech shorthand and specific phrases, let’s develop a quick terminology with the help of key and quality online sources. I have also situated phrases that…

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Nigeria reality in EduTech application.


Just like in most industries, technology could play a major role in the world of education. While the idea of technology in the education brings forth the potential for efficiency and a means to be at par with…

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Technologies in Education for edtech teachers and learners.

EduTech Note

By the term “technology in education” is meant application of machines, gadgets or equipment to improve the quality of education. This aspect is described as the “hardware” approach to educational technology. It involves the use of pieces of…

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What is Educational Technology – Wikipedia concept.

Educational technology is “the study and ethical practice of facilitating learning and improving performance by creating, using, and managing appropriate technological processes and resources”. Educational technology is the use of both physical hardware and educational theoretic. It encompasses…

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