Akanne is an educational technology organisation that renders, train and promotes the use of technology in education. Akanne provides EduTech services in the areas of training, software production, device deployment, hardware infrastructure setups, audio and video production, kids toys etc. We also showcase different educational technology activities and services rendered by EduTech companies with special interest in Africa. Africa continent in general has been challenged by poor education and under-development in general which leads to abject poverty in the continent.

The organisation started as a blog site in 2014 where we taught basic computer usage. It was pulled down in the following year and was ran as health directory. This was in an attempt to help Nigerians get easy access to health care givers. The idea was again truncated due to lack of resources and appropriate funding. In late 2015, it transcended into a technology promotion organisation for Africa. In 2016, it narrowed as Educational Technology Organisation.  Akanne also maintains a blog known as Akanne Blog where we teach EduTech applications and an online institution known as Akanne College, a STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics) online institution.

Our organisation seeks to help in the development of Africa by promoting educational technologies within this region and also train teachers on how to adopt apply educational technology in classroom. In 2016, the organisation was shortlisted as best EduTech promoter in Nigeria.